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Sterilization and deodorization with the effect of ozone.

Ozone Generator

Deodorize and sterilize daily odors such as cigarettes, pets, mold, garbage, and dry laundry with the effect of ozone!

Popular room sterilization, reliable product made in Japan.


The media reported that ozone has the effect of suppressing the infectivity of the new coronavirus. In August 2020, research results from the Fujita Medical University revealed experimentally for the first time in the world that even low concentrations (0.05ppm or 0.1ppm) of ozone gas have a decontaminating effect on the new coronavirus.
Unlike air purifiers that absorb dust in the air, ozone can sterilize and deodorize, and can also disinfect airborne viruses and odor sources that remain attached to the filter.


Unlike air fresheners that wrap up bad odors, deodorization with ozone is more effective because it decomposes the source of the odor.

Can be hung on the wall

Ozone is a relatively heavy molecule, so you can get the effect of ozone more effectively by installing it on a wall at a higher place!

The electricity bill is about 70 yen a month.

There is no need to replace the filter, and maintenance can be done simply by cleaning it regularly. Even if you leave it on for 24 hours, the electricity bill is only about ¥70 per month, which is economical.

3-step switching

The amount of ozone generated can be switched in 3 steps depending on the size of the room and the strength of the odor.

Setting Ozone Generation Corresponding Area
Strong 10mg/h approx.20㎡〜
Medium 5mg/h approx.10㎡〜
Low 2.5mg/h approx.5㎡〜

Quiet design

Since it spreads over a wide area, it can be used even in a quiet room by adopting a Sirocco fan.



Instruction manual